The Great Escape

The Ferrari Owners Club, San Diego Region, produced a sure lure to its members for a great escape from the routine of regular life. The Great Escape took the form of a drive to the hills of Julian on October 2, 2021, with members in their marvelous Ferraris.

Bill and Vida, two prominent Club members, shared their rustic vacation abode as the destination for the Escape along with some savory victuals for the hungry drivers and riders. Tina Tinkham served as event coordinator and hubby, Ron Tinkham, designed the meandering mountain drive.

Nothing serves Ferrari fans better than a swift swing through high country and country food on a gorgeous day in the gorgeous cars that can take the challenge with aplomb. And, no one complained about having to head back to city life, but the day and the drive away from it all gave everyone the grit to endure returning with renewed gusto.

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