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Exclusive Member Experience
Our Club seeks members who dream and can innovate events in the stunning colors of their cars — from Rosso Corsa to Giallo Modena to the cosmic midnight shine of Ferrari Nero —  to make colorful happenings of our Club activities.  Such activities include drives, rallies, concours, technical sessions, visits to private collections, museums, even airports, all topped with repasts of delectable foods while fostering fellowship.

club benefits

There are at least 100 questions every new Ferrari owner will encounter. Who better to talk with than an experienced fellow FOC member?

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Unique Events

Member events designed to enhance the Ferrari ownership experience.

Supportive Members

Our club can help you find the best place to get your Ferrari serviced.

Club Drives

Join us and engage in member activities like track drives, or sunset cruises.

Dedicated Fans

We are not a Ferrari exclusive club, We welcome all automotive enthusiasts.