New Club Member Drives Daytona in “Going to the Sun” – September, 2023

Report by Lorraine Yapps Cohen

New Club member, Malcolm Barksdale, made news when he drove his fly yellow Ferrari 365 GTB4 Daytona in the “Going to the Sun” Rally in Montana. The tour took five days to complete too many miles to count and rallied through spectacularly scenic sites in Montana and nearby northwestern states. The event hosted many other marques, including vintage and historically important cars of all kinds, yet the yellow Daytona stole the sun in those miles. And, as the photos also show, Malcolm is not afraid to park a beverage on the bonnet of his 365 GTB4 or catch a few flies on the bumper.

Malcolm’s Daytona not only represented the most historical and popularly known Ferrari possibly of all time, but also the San Diego Region’s Ferrari Owners Club for the first time. Malcolm had participated many times in the past on the Montana Rally but this time he participated as a local Club member growing a welcome taproot locally into the biggest Ferrari Owners Club in the country, that being the San Diego Region’s.

Malcolm’s first drive as a new member with the San Diego Club was the Spring Run to Borrego Springs in March 2023, which piqued his palette for truly local fare in a fancy Ferrari drive. He and his 365 GTB4 showed as outstanding stars in that Run too. We happily have such a notable car, experienced driver, and seasoned collector in our membership.

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