First Ever Ferrari Friday – April 22, 2022

Eighty exotic Ferraris played their part in lining the streets of La Jolla on what was the First Ever First Friday, a feast day of eye-candy cars from the beloved brand.  As part of the La Jolla Concours d’Elegance, our Club members’ cars numbered many of those 80 Ferraris under the event leadership of Lou Lollio. who contributed much to the event’s success to make it more than a snazzy on-street car show.  Ferraris of all kinds, vintages, models, and colors showed up.

While “arrest-me red” dominates any Ferrari event, an array of spectral colors invaded that nearly monogamous rosso corsa space.  So too have innovative customizations, some showing the cosmic imaginations that some Ferrari owners displayed on their cars’ custom accouterments.  Every owner also exhibited an obsession with perfection in spit-shine cleanliness, polish, if not a radiative glow brought out from below, for an aura that comes only from a cared-for Ferrari.

We can postulate that this First Ever Ferrari Friday won’t be the last.  Why?  Because it was a blast of undeniably large proportions and because somebody finally figured out that Ferraris make people happy . . . especially on a Friday named for our cars.

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