• Article by Tina Tinkham, Jim and Joanne Hyldahl.
  • Photos by Ron Tinkham and Lynda Ingersoll view event photos

To our 2015 Bella Italia Exhibitors:

The young boys standing slack jawed as they stare at your Italian exotics…’s the stuff of dreams for them.  Soon the posters will go on the bedroom walls and they will study the specifications of displacement, horsepower and valve trains.  They’ll go to U-Tube to hear the sounds.  The father coaching his child about your car and silently experiencing the bittersweet emotions of admiration and envy.  He thinks to himself, “Maybe someday…..”.

You came to Bella Italia for the venue, live music, Italian lunch menu, fellowship and perhaps the hope that you prepared your car for judging better than anyone else in your class.  What you may not realize is how profoundly you affect those who came to be in your company.

Above all else, thank you for sharing your dream with them.

Authors:    Jim and Joanne Hyldahl, Bella Italia Co-Chairs

Saturday, April 25th highlighted the FOC San Diego Region’s 15th year for the Bella Italia Concours ‘d Elegance at Spanish Landing in San Diego. Directors Jim and Joanne Hyldahl chaired this special event that began as the dream of past San Diego Region President, Mickey Miller.  The first year a tiny handful of volunteers stood under one canopy in an early morning rain storm to set up and execute the first Bella Italia.  The rain stopped the sun came out and it was a success.   Approximately 80 cars were exhibited this year.   Chairperson Joanne Hyldahl was the recipient of the honorary Mickey Miller Memorial Award for her many contributions to the club, as well as coordinating, along with her husband, Jim Hyldahl, this superbly orchestrated car show.  Every year this event showcases an extraordinary line-up of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, and Alfa Romeos.  This year we also enjoyed the presence of Fiat.  A feast for the eyes.

Joanne and Jim Hyldahl, Co-Chairs
Joanne and Jim Hyldahl, Co-Chairs

The morning weather was chilly with a light drizzle ;  however, as in past years, the sky opened up to sunshine the rest of the day.  Volunteers arrived at 6:00 am to set up the venue.  Photographer Doug Gates from Gates Photography was on the scene to photograph cars as they began to arrive at 8:00am.  The Boy Scouts, as they do every year, helped set up tables and chairs then lended a hand during  lunch.  Sponsor tents were displayed and the sponsors began to arrive with gorgeous cars of their own.   This year’s sponsors were  O’Gara Coach (formerly Symbolic), Symbolic INTL, West Coast Specialties, HRE Performance Wheels, Kearny Mesa Fiat,  Modern Image and  Ferrari Maserati San Diego.  Also, our sponsor list included Griot’s Garage, Gate’s Photography, Bobileff Motors, Edco, Capri Blu, La Jolla Audio, Lockton Insurance Brokers and Sheraton Hotels.  All gave either monetary donations, goods or services.

This year’s charity was the Ronald McDonald House at Rady Children’s Hospital of San Diego.  A Silent Auction and Raffle were available to benefit this very worthwhile cause.  Thank you to Rhonda Migliaccio and Wynda Scott from Cavallo Motorsports and Club Member Lynn Wheeler for collecting beautiful auction and raffle items to display and sell at the event.   Their effort was successful.  The money collected for Ronald McDonald House was $6,571.00.

It was the fourth year for Capri Blu to cater the luncheon buffet.  Club Director Roy Silver, co-owns this fine restaurant.  The buffet consisted of two delicious pastas, salad and bread followed with Tiramisu for dessert.  The on-site staff was friendly and professional.  There was plenty of food for the 250+ people who were served.  The conversation was lively at the 18 round lunch tables that held the hungry crowd; groovy background music was provided by Tres the Band.

What would a car show be without Judges and Trophies.  Our fine panel of judges included Gary Bobileff, Katherine Partain, Steve Wheeler, Floyd Pickrell, Joe Charles, Bruce Breneman, Gary Peterson, Rocky Gallo, Rich Fatuzzo, Ben Constantini, Jim Migliaccio and Mike Partain.    Trophies were designed and provided by Joe Charles.


Doris Charles, Linda Miller and Joanne Hyldahl.
Doris Charles, Linda Miller and Joanne Hyldahl.




Alfa Romeo 1st Bud Duncan San Marcos 1973 2000 GTV
2nd Scott & Tina Elliott Spring Valley 1974 2000 GTV
Maserati 1st Gary Isley Coronado 2006 Grand Spt LE
Lamborghini 1st Adam & Kim Cox Vista 1998 Diablo SV
Ferrari Late V-12 1st Robert Kemp Carlsbad 1998 550 Maranello
2nd Steve & Lynne Wheeler Rancho SF 2000 550 Maranello
Ferrari Late V-8 1st Wayne Weissman Carlsbad 2013 458 Spider
2nd Rob & Delores McNeely San Diego 2005 F430 Coupe
Ferrari Mid V-8 1st Ben Constantini Del Mar 1998 F1 355 Spider
Ferrari 360 Class 1st Bob Weaver Rancho SF 2004 Spider
Ferrari Early V-8 1st Mike Santoro Carlsbad 1987 328 GTS
2nd Gary Prato San Diego 1989 328 GTS
Ferrari Early V-12 1st Barry Walker Olivenhain 1987 Testarossa
Judge’s Choice 1st Steve Murphy San Diego 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB
People’s Choice 1st Steve Murphy San Diego 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB
Circle of Excellence 1st Bill & Vida Ceno Rancho SF 2003 Ferrari Enzo


Thank you to our volunteers!  A core group of people assisted Jim and Joanne in creating this outstanding car show.  Behind the scenes, Rocky and Alice Gallo designed the badges and organized the check-in system.  Alice was in charge of the check-in table, not an easy job.  Her assistants were Gloriaann Putnam and Caesar Oriol.   Joe and Doris Charles designed trophies, plus the hats and T-shirts for sale at the show.  Doris organized and managed the apparel sales table along with her assistants, Linda Miller and Carolyn Gerard.  Tina Tinkham was in charge of equipment rental and along with Rich Fatuzzo, Katherine Partain and Carolyn Gerard, set-up the tables, tents, chairs, etc; Scott Cairncross of La Jolla Audio, provided a sound system and generator.  San Diego Region President Gary Peterson and Director Scott Cairncross helped Jim Hyldahl in acquiring sponsors and Gary worked directly with the Port Authority to secure this coveted venue. All other duties were handled by Jim and Joanne Hyldahl personally.  Ron Tinkham again designed the entire layout for the cars to be placed in their particular categories.  On the actual day of the event volunteers arrived at 6:00 am and gave of their time to get the event set up and ready to receive exhibitors and participants upon 8:00 am arrival.

Also a valuable contribution to the event is the Parking Team who worked with Master Course Designer Ron Tinkham.  A handful of men were there to help with this crucial job; setting up the course and guiding the cars to their designated parking spots.   These valuable men are, Rich Fatuzzo, Wayne Weisman, Bob Quisenberry, Mike Morgan, Mike Partain, Joe Charles, Bob Gerard and Rocky Gallo.  Thank you for your help.

This was an outstanding show with the ability to grow  larger every year.  The beautiful park at Spanish Landing is not to be surpassed and Ron Tinkham is ready to extend the layout design as far as the event will take us.  We look forward to next year……mark your calendars 2016 Bella Italia awaits!

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