2015 Bella Italian

BELLA ITALIA 2015 – AN HISTORICAL EVENT!Photos by Ron Tinkham and Lynda IngersollTo our 2015 Bella Italia Exhibitors:The young boys standing slack jawed as they stare at your Italian exotics…..it’s the stuff of dreams for them.  Soon the posters will go on the bedroom walls and they will study the specifications of displacement, horsepower and valve trains.  They’ll go to U-Tube to hear the sounds.  The father coaching his child about your car and silently experiencing the bittersweet emotions of admiration and envy.  He thinks to himself, “Maybe someday…..”.You came to Bella Italia for the venue, live music, Italian lunch menu, fellowship and perhaps the hope that you prepared your car for judging better than anyone else in your class.  What you may not realize is how profoundly you affect those who came to be in your company.Above all else, thank you for sharing your dream with them.