3rd Annual Spring Run to Borrego Springs – March 25, 2023

As Coordinator and lead car driver, I can say with assurance that the March 25th, 2023 Borrego Springs Run signed up the most friendly Ferrari Owners Club members that I got to know well. Speaking of leading, I’ve not yet lost the rush of adrenaline by which I led that collection of colorful Club Ferraris down the spectacular Montezuma grade.  There is nothing – NOTHING – more satisfying than to lead such a group down the 3,500-foot elevation drop in the road named for the Emperor of the Aztec Empire.  Thrilling?  Indeed!  But unfair for the roadway to have been built with only one lane in the downhill direction where our cars want to rip, right where two lanes exist for automobiles to huff-and-puff it uphill  Nevertheless, our savvy drivers took that road design in stride, especially upon encountering an equine transport trailer holding back the thickening band of cars behind it, including our cavalcade of fine Ferraris.  Oh well.  It was a lament we’ve learned to live with.  

Our entourage presented as gemstones of the road including a mix of new and matured Ferrari models sporting 8- or 12-cylinder engines in palettes of Picasso colors like prugna, giallo, grigio, nero, blanco, and rosso, of course.  Some models stood out as familiar, like the famous Magnum PI-mobile, the 308 QV, and some just stood out – period – like the 365 GTB Daytona in that luscious, fly yellow color.  Ahh, the sight!  Taken together, the collection prompted photos and videos taken by onlookers and loud ‘wows‘ from kids and grownups unable to contain their adulations.  So perfect was the Run that nary a mistake was made.  All who came with their gorgeous Ferraris created the great joie de vivre that comes from owning them.  We drive them too. With gusto.

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