Three 308s

While a handsome dude on a TV show called Magnum PI made the 308 an icon of the 1980s, everyone everywhere easily recognizes the Ferrari model a full forty years later, even today’s youngsters who didn’t exist in the 1980s.  Somehow, they know the 308 on sight with their hoots and hollers showing the everlasting excitement of the iconic Ferrari.

At least three Club owners delight in the recognition they get with their 308s, enjoying the glory of letting the perfectly legendary model live on in fame: 

  • David Himes with his rosso corsa  has been known to pronounce his desire for the model as “I knew I wanted a 308 and bought the first production Berlinetta with the QV engine in 2018.”
  • Sanjeev Thohan speaks with a smile of Ferraris emerging from Enzo’s early visions but with a modern twist having to do with Hollywood’s curvaceous beauties at the time saying “Kim Bassinger comes to mind.”  His 308 comes to the Club in the color prugna.
  • Tina and Ron Tinkham, as Ferrari Owners Club members for more than 27 years, no doubt gathered their gusto for the marque from their stunning giallo 308 that stayed with them through all of it.

In all cases, a cool dude in a 308 is a magnet for the ladies whatever the color it comes in, and they know it!

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