Ferraris at Cielo – Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

Ferraris at Cielo – Beyond Our Wildest Dreams


Article and Photography by Wayne Weissman and Lorraine Yapps Cohen


If there’s a recipe for success, the Ferraris at Cielo event cooked up the ingredients to perfection.  The day glowed with glory.  The show cars glittered like diamonds with engines.  The show attracted crowds of beautiful people.  The people came quickly, remaining for hours in car camaraderie and a sense of wonder at the stunning hunks of Italian leather-lined metal known as Ferraris.


The fabulous cars of San Diego Ferrari Owners Club (FOC) members apexes at the Ferraris at Cielo event on Sunday, June 6th.  The event culminated several months of hard work by a very many of the San Diego Club’s Board members. The result not only turned out our own members, but also attracted the public in numbers that blew the roof off our own expectations! Car enthusiasts who attended from all over the county described the event as Disneyland on steroids!  Shiny Ferraris, Maserati’s, and Lamborghini’s stood meticulously parked to give all who gazed an amazing dose of automotive eye candy including everything from the famous 308 to a rainbow of Testarossas.  ‘Wow’ was the word of the day.


Owning and showing one’s wondrous car — no matter its marque or value — manifests as a complicated and emotional involvement.  Owners spend hours cleaning and detailing their cars as their personal pride and joy, a job they perform as a passion rather than work.  And, when one belongs to a car club like the FOC, an added advantage occurs in meeting people with similar passions and enjoying the comfortable car camaraderie of the club events. Trading automotive adventures, sharing advice about restoration, resale, and servicing, or learning about new products and models all accrue extra benefits of club membership.


San Diego FOC Board member, Wayne Weissman, spearheaded the Cielo effort.  But as he qualifies, he calls himself the ‘conductor’ who had the extraordinary help of a chorus of others, without which there would have been no music!  (That’s a direct quote from the maestro.)  Heaping praise on others, he says that people like Tina and Ron Tinkham, Joe Charles, Jim and Joanne Hyldahl, Steve Wheeler, Rhonda Migliaccio, Rocky and Alice Gallo, and Michael Morgan our Club President, all devoted considerable time and effort to make Ferraris at Cielo an extraordinary success.


We can attribute some of that success to inclusionary event elements such as a People’s Choice Award and inviting Ferrari of San Diego, a participating sponsor.  Bill Ceno and wife, Vida, earned the 1st place People’s Choice Award by stealing the hearts of everyone there with their 1990 F40 and 2003 Enzo.  Ladies take note:  Vida can drive either one of them and does!  Dealership manager, Arun Sharma, attracted attendees with Ferrari’s brand new F8 Spider, Ferrari Roma, and a Maserati Levante to add to the Italian mix.  Undaunted by such company, club members also lured lookers with a luscious 2020 Ferrari Pista 217, Lamborghini Huracán, and many more exotics too numerous to name.


With all that said about success and Cielo excitement, no one is calling it a day or going away any time soon.  SD-FOC has met its own match and challenged itself to do Ferraris at Cielo again even better next year.  Count on it!


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