Ferrari About Us

First and foremost, we love Ferraris. It's important to know that you do NOT have to own a Ferrari to be a member. A passion for the marque is all that we ask. We also love active members--members who come to our events because it's not just about the cars, but about sharing the passion for Ferraris with fellow Tifosis (Italian for fans). We are not a gold chain crowd and we're not all worth millions of dollars. We want and encourage anyone with passion for Ferrari to check out our club, come to an event, and join!

The Ferrari Owners Club was the first national club in the United States dedicated to the marque. The San Diego Region, currently comprised of over 150 members, is known far and wide for its member events designed to enhance the Ferrari ownership experience. We are the largest region of the national Ferrari Owners Club and we'd like to think we're also the most active region.

Our active and large Board of Directors is constantly putting on tried and true events that we do every year and adding new fresh events to make the club more entertaining and interesting for our Members. If you love Ferraris (and who doesn't?), then you'll love our club!