Borrego Ride and Drive [New Article].



Article and Photos by Tina Tinkham


All conditions were HOT for the May 3rd Borrego Ride and Drive out to La Casa del Zorro Resort in Borrego Springs. Weather report… HOT! HOT! HOT! Temps at 100+ did not detour the 40p who attended this traditional weekend getaway at the legendary resort. The La Casa del Zorro has had a bumpy road over the last five years. It was closed, then sold and reopened, then closed again, but now is re-opened with the original name La Casa del Zorro Resort. FOC was excited to be back!

That morning, Director Scott Cairncross and his wife Sandra hosted a welcome breakfast at their home in the hills of El Cajon. Many of the attendees chose to go on the Ride and Drive so enjoyed the coffee, pastries and lively conversation before we left. However, there were some couples who took advantage of the time off and drove out to the resort on their own, Friday, to relax and enjoy the three pools, Spa and refrigerated temperatures in the bar/restaurant. Again, the temps were frightening……..but “it’s a dry heat”.

Club Director and Event Chairman Patrick McCormick lead the caravan of approximately 15+ cars consisting of mostly Ferraris, one Lamborghini, a new Corvette and a rented Hyundai driven by Ron and Tina Tinkham. Don’t ask why the rental; the story is too long. But, this proved to be a bad move for Ron and Tina. The little Hyundai reluctantly fell away from the caravan and left the Tinkhams to fend for themselves behind motorhomes and slow moving locals. The sportscars hung together snaking their way through the desert with the Club’s Personal Escort, Noah, on his extreme motorcycle, keeping them “from getting into trouble”. Out on its own, the Hyundai never saw the speedtrap and received a speeding ticket from one of “Borrego’s Finest”. Well, the one ticket of the day proved to be the topic of conversation especially when it was received in a Hyundai. Moral of the story! Drive your own car and stay with the group! There is power in numbers.

It seemed fitting to head for The Bar. At the same time a delicious make your own sandwich buffet was a welcome sight for the hungry crowd. People enjoyed themselves during the lunch then most disappeared into their cool rooms for a little nap before a 6:00 pm Cocktail Hour in the Rose Garden; Pasta Dinner Buffet was to follow. By then the temps were just balmy and we all enjoyed the desert atmosphere. Later that night the group dispersed themselves in different directions. Region President, Gary Peterson opened the doors of his Casita to those looking for more socializing. A handful of people signed up for a Night Sky Tour to view the stars. There were those who chose a seat at the resorts fire pit and a night swim was in order for people looking for some cool relaxation.

Thank you Patrick McCormick for your time and effort to put this exceptional event together again. Everyone had a great time and we look forward to many more excursions out to the Casa del Zorro Resort. A World Away!

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