Mystery Rally

The San Diego Region Escapes to Paradise Rally Master, Ron Tinkham could not have hoped for a more perfect morning as 30+ brave drivers and co-pilots arrived at the Starbucks in Solana Beach on October 8th, to venture out on a driving excursion that offered no map; only clues pulled from your favorite mystery novels. The written coded directions for the rally were dependent upon words such as "prowl", "stealth", or "lurk" to describe a direction or way to turn. There were signs or objects along the route to note on the rally sheet and phrases to fill in along the way. This is the job of the co-pilot and it is important, for one missed sign can send you off on a long drive to L.A. Co-chair, Tina Tinkham checked people in and Ron wrote their time and mileage as he sent each Ferrari on the rally 5 minutes apart so no one would follow another car. The rally route traveled through Paradise Valley and ended in HELLHOLE Canyon where co-chairs Chuck and Marlene Ettari, flagged each car in and rewarded the thirsty drivers and co-pilots with bottled waters.There were fast and easy directions back to the coast; but a mystery sentence needed to be solved in order to determine the winner. The sentence was set up as a Wheel of Fortune type of puzzle with a few letters given and the puzzle, relating to the rally itself and its final destination. This challenging Ride and Drive ended with a turn into the Crosby Estates in Rancho Santa Fe. FOC members, Dr. Steve Wheeler and his wife Lynn were gracious in opening their gorgeous estate home to the club for a catered Italian luncheon. The food was prepared by Chef Gaetano Cicciotti of Cicciotti's Trattoria in Cardiff. Chef Gaetano was on site to display and serve his Antipasto Misto, Lasagna, Chicken Marsala and Sea Bass Entrees. The beautiful buffet was a delight to the eyes as the tired, hungry members arrived one by one, checking in with the Rally Master and coming into the Wheeler's home for a welcomed glass of imported wine provided by Cicciotti's Restaurant. These wines were excellent; we received many positive comments on the great food and quality of the wine. The group relaxed and enjoyed the panoramic views of the Crosby Estates from our hosts' Tuscan style patio. As coffee and desserts were served, the three winners were announced and trophies awarded. They were as follows:
  1. Gary Peterson and co-Pilot Dee Dickson won "Champion" (best rally score with the best time)
  2. Dr. Steve Wheeler and his son-in-law J.J. Bailey won "The Winner" (best rally score) Richard Fatuzzo and Shari Caviness Wareham won "Top Gun" (closest to the predetermined time)
  3. Trophies were designed and manufactured by Steve Maxwell of Exotic Car Services . They were great looking, coveted awards and they were donated by Steve, to this special FOC event . Thank you, Steve!
The Mystery Phrase that needed to be solved to help determine the winners of this rally was as follows:True Paradise is driving my Ferrari to HELLHOLE and escaping to Rancho.Nothing is further from the truth!